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Q: Does health insurance pay for massage?

A: Most insurance companies in Iowa do not pay for massage even if you have a prescription from your doctor. The only insurance coverage for massage is for auto accidents when it is deemed as medically necessary for treatment of soft tissue injuries sustained in the accident.

Q: Can I use my flexible spending account or HSA account for massages?

A: Yes! Flex accounts and HSA accounts are for out of pocket medical costs and are a tax deduction. You can use money that you set aside for things like massage and pay no federal income taxes on the money you use. Guidelines have recently changed and most people don't need a prescription for massage for it to be an eligible expense. Ask the administrator of your health plan for more information if needed.

Q: How often should I get a massage?

A: For general wellness it is typical for clients to come for a massage every 2 - 4 weeks. If you are interested in trying massage to address a specific pain, injury, or chronic problem area, you may try 1-2 60 min sessions per week for a period of 2-4 weeks. I will often recommend clients look into alternative methods of self care to add to their massage regimen in order to find long lasting relief.

Q: Do you sell gift cards? Do they expire?

A: Yes, gift cards can be purchased in house or purchased online at my booking site iowacity-massage.com
Gift cards expire 1 year from date of purchase. Online gift certificates automatically

Q: What am I supposed to wear or not wear for a massage?

A: For clothed massage clients should wear comfortable loose fitting clothes such as a T shirt and sweat pants. Sessions can also be done fully unclothed with sheets used to drape the client for comfort. It is always at the discretion of the client to undress to where they feel comfortable.

Q: Am I supposed to talk during a massage or be quiet?

A: It depends on the nature of the session. Some sessions are interactive and require me to ask for movement, breathe, and feedback while working on tender areas. Other times the session is quiet and you will only be asked about pressure and to turn over during the session. Conversation is always welcome during a massage if you feel more comfortable talking during the session. However if you prefer to just have quiet time, I will not try to inititate a conversation.


Late arrivals - If you arrive late to your appointment, the session will still end on time and the session price will not be adjusted to the shorter time frame. In example, if you arrive 15 min late to your 60 min massage and we only do 45 min, you will still have to pay for the entire 60 min session.

Early arrivals - I advise clients not to arrive more than 10 min early to their appointment. During hours where I am working in the office alone and the receptionist is not there, the door must be locked while I am in my room. I don't ever want clients to be locked out, so please don't come more than 10 min early to avoid this. If I am running ahead of schedule and we start early, the session will end early to reflect the earlier start time. Starting early doesn't necessarily mean you get a longer massage.

Cancellation Policy - Please cancel or reschedule your appointment 24 hours in advance. I am very understanding if you have an emergency or unforseen event that is out of your control. I do ask you give me as much notice as possible when you know you won't be able to make your appointment. This allows me to open up the time to another client.